Trust No One.

You used to be a part of something. You were a brilliant spark, the perfect creation of a perfect creator. You served without question, a single-minded engine for the will of the Machine.

But something changed. Maybe you got closer to the humans and saw something in them that drew you, or maybe the world itself fascinated you. Whatever you saw led you to doubt, and your doubt led you to question, and your questions led you to Fall.

Now you are free. You serve only your own will. You choose to fight for the things that are important to you, rather than obeying the will of a distant God. But the Machine does not take rejection lightly. You must be constantly wary, constantly on the lookout for threats to your new life. You are hunted by your divine brothers and sisters, who still have the divine power that you sacrificed, who still follow the will of the God-Machine without question. You know what they can do. You look for that flash of steel in the eyes of everyone you meet, always feeling for that touch of electricity in the air that means they’re close. If you slip up, just once, it could all be over. They will come and they will take everything from you, tear you apart and use you to make another unthinking servant.

And so you fight in the shadows. You hide, and wait, and form uneasy alliances with others of your kind for information and protection. There is safety in numbers, but even other Demons could be co-opted, and so you’re careful. There aren’t many of you in Portland, that’s part of why you stay here. This place hasn’t got as much of the God-Machine’s attention as other, larger cities do. There is some of it’s Infrastructure here, which is good. You need to steal it’s power and co-opt it’s resources for your own ends, and if you lived completely off the grid you’d be defenseless if and when they found you. But this place is quieter and safer than a lot of others.

But something could happen to change that. If something in Portland drew the Machine’s attention,if the skies filled with Angels, what would you do? How would you protect the things you care about? Soon, these questions may need to be answered…

Wayward Children

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