Emerald/Dr. Jack Green

Semi-retired fixer for the Unchained community


Jack Green is a portly middle aged man with a wide smile and sparkling green eyes. He speaks with a South Boston accent and wears a traditional white lab coat almost all the time. He is rarely without a stethoscope, thermometer, and other traditional tools of a family doctor.

When dealing with other Demons Emerald drops the pretense and doesn’t bother showing emotions or speaking with an accent. Neither you nor anyone you know has seen her Demonic form, but you know she identifies as female when not using the Jack Green cover.


According to rumor Emerald was a big deal in Boston. She was known as a person who knew a lot and could provide a lot of valuable resources for the right price. She allegedly had Soul Pacts for various minor celebrities and members of local government and used them as leverage to gain influence in the city.

The details of what happened in Boston are sketchy at best. Emerald disappeared, and a month later Dr. Jack Green opened an urgent care clinic in Portland. She claims to be “retired from politics” but still offers contacts, Contracts, Aether, Gadgets, and other resources to local Demons, for a price. While she hasn’t taken a leadership role, she is widely regarded as the most knowledgeable, resourceful, and dangerous Demon in the city.

Emerald/Dr. Jack Green

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