Sen. Andrew Couchon

State Senator, hardline anti-immigration conservative


A youngish conservative politician with a generous smile and a receding hairline.


Senator Couchon has made a name for himself in state politics by pushing the party line as far as it will go. He fights unions, votes against tax increases, and supports anti-abortion laws. However, he has attracted younger voters by favoring legalization of marijuana and supporting gay marriage as a constitutional right. He’s a rising star, and people talk about him as though his becoming governor was a foregone conclusion.

He has a hardline stance against illegal immigration, inciting fear of terrorism and “theft” of public assistance. He has singled out the high crime rate in the Devil’s Corner neighborhood as being a symptom of illegal immigration, and has stated that he supports using local and state police forces to raid the area and arrest anyone lacking proper identification.

Sen. Andrew Couchon

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